The hosts from Kablar will have the opportunity to get subsidies for the development of rural tourism.

When it comes to the charms of rural life, nothing can replace the experience of staying in authentic households of our provinces. Minister Memić has recognized this need and decided to make it visible in a different way. The vision of transforming the idyllic Kablar Mountain into romantic villages that could compete with Swiss villages exists, and the path to this goal is being set through the revitalization of the beautiful Ovčar-Kablar Gorge.

This opportunity has opened new perspectives for the inhabitants of Kablar, giving them a chance to enhance the tourist potential of their area. Deeply rooted in tradition and nestled in magnificent nature, this region can offer unforgettable experiences for all those longing for unexplored nature.

To encourage people to get involved and help in this endeavor, the Ministry offers subsidies for all those who show initiative in this field. A total of 150 million dinars has been provided for this purpose, opening up numerous possibilities for those ready to open their homesteads to visitors, offering them the unique experience of typical rural life.

Today, people tired of urban hustle and bustle, are looking for peaceful and relaxing environments. They want to feel close to nature, to get to know the culture and tradition of the places they visit. Kablar can offer just that - a unique view of Serbia, far from the usual tourist routes.

At the final gathering in Kablar, Minister Memić pointed out the importance of launching this project, emphasizing the importance of investing in rural tourism. While the amount of subsidy distribution may initially be limited, it is expected to be a stimulus for further steps in developing rural tourism. The resources needed to make these changes should not be taken lightly. This is just the beginning of something that can develop into a significant move towards rediscovering the natural beauties of Serbia.

Changes are already happening, and during the rise of tourism, with an increasing number of foreigners coming to visit Serbia, it's clear that the time for the development of rural tourism has come. With this new direction and clearly set plans, Kablar has a chance to be recognized as one of the leading destinations for rural tourism, a place where visitors can experience the authentic Serbian rural life.

An interesting year is ahead, and we are all eagerly looking forward to the realization of the project and a great return to nature, which Minister Memić has recognized. This opportunity brings much-needed boom to rural tourism, and we all believe it will be a great opportunity for everyone. The view of Kablar as a little Switzerland of Serbia, despite all skepticism, appears realistic and achievable. This is a big step for all of us and a challenge that we are eagerly waiting for.

6 October 2023 3240 views