Serbia mostly understood a billion and chose small scary tourists

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic stated that it is estimated that Serbia will suffer damage of around one billion euros this year due to the absence of foreign tourists due to the epidemic caused by the corona virus.

"Maybe the damage will be somewhat less due to good results in January, February, and even March was not so bad," Ljajic told RTS, adding that the increased number of domestic tourists in Serbia will be able to compensate for "something", but not enough.

He said that the number of foreign tourists increased by 28% compared to last year, and 18% in February, but that due to the epidemic, there will be a decrease of more than 90% in the coming months.

Ljajic pointed out that due to the new situation, new destinations for domestic tourists in Serbia have appeared, such as Stara Planina and Kosjeric.

Although it will not be possible to compensate for the lack of foreigners at the national level, some destinations such as Sokobanja, Vrnjacka Banja and Zlatibor will succeed, and those, as Ljajic said, record more visits than the capital Belgrade.

Speaking about the shipment of goods to Kosovo, Ljajic stated that after the abolition of the 100% tax on goods from Serbia, goods worth 86 million euros have been placed on this market since April.

"But, that is again twice less than the same period in 2018, when there were no taxis," said Ljajic, adding that it takes time for goods from Serbia to return to the market that the countries of the region supplied until April.
19 August 2020 4335 views